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Get an advice from expert for wearing a gemstone or you just want it for other purposes such as gifts or jewellery. Astrodunia provides you with the facility to buy gem-stones of best quality at reasonable prices on the internet. Gemstones really affect the life. And here, you have the option to buy numerous gem-stones according to your will & wish. This is a list of gems from which you can choose and get various details about them, such as their effects on life style along with astrology based technical aspects and other similar features.

Its cosmic color is red.It may bring you economic stability, favors from authorities and benefits from governmental bodies.

Its cosmic color is yellow.It is widely used to enhance professional creativity, aid in the gaining of land and property, and to ensure a long married life.

Its cosmic color is orange.Pearl increases the self confidence, enhances mental faculties, promotes and build cordial working atmosphere around.

Its cosmic color is deep blue. It enables to meet the challenges boldly in life. It brings peace & marital happiness.

Blue Sapphire
Its cosmic color is violet.It is a very strong gem and it's use can be adverse sometimes. It Purifies the mind & it is charged with virtuous thoughts and positive attitude.

Yellow Sapphire
Its cosmic color is light yellow.It is said to bring luck and blessings from God, this stone blesses you with offspring, promotions, administrative powers and interest in religious matters.

Its cosmic color is green. Wearing an Emerald is said to bring prosperity in education, banking and research.

Cat's Eye
Its cosmic color is Infra-red. It grants educational progress by increasing learning power. Mental worries are removed.

Its cosmic color is Ultraviolet. It brings luck and help people who wish to be employed overseas, helps in increasing concentration in studies and Eliminate restlessness in mind.

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Astrodunia officially registered as MAA ASTRODUNIYA PRIVATE LIMITED, incorporated in the year 2005 provides masses with various top priority and quality astrological reports, analysis, services and tips for trading in the financial segment such as stock market and commodity market across the globe.
The firm also has experience as a stock and commodity broker in the year 2006-2010. The accuracy of tips provided by has been about 92%.

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Our Services provides various services that help people to tackle daily life problems.

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