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The gemstone representing the planet Rahu as per Indian astrological and gemological texts is known as Hessonite or Gomedhaka or Gomed. It is of the colour of cows fat. Certain sages are of the opinion that it is of the colour of the cow’s urine. Generally, honey coloured Gomeds are used to strengthen or pacify the planet Rahu. Rahu is the north node of the moon represented by the upper half of the snake. The planet Rahu has got karmic influences and it is generally accepted that during the periods when Rahu is operating individuals would get results as per their Karma – good or bad in the previous birth.

Features of Gomed :

Planet Rahu (North Node of The Moon) (It represents worldly desires, worldly benefits, laziness, gratification, and ignorance.)
Different Names Gomeda, Hessonite, cow's urine colored gem, Rahu-ratna, Pita rakta mani, Tamo-mani, cinna, zargun mani & sokul mani.
Cosmic Color Brown
Number 4
Sign Aquarius
Birth Month N/A
Duration of Mahadasha 18 Years
Direction Ruled SouthWest
Effects It brings luck and help people who wish to be employed overseas, helps in increasing concentration in studies and Eliminate restlessness in mind. It helps in professional development, improvement of finance, health and happiness and it deters enemies. It is highly recommended for those involved in active politics to increase popularity in society.
May Cure Believed to heal illnesses related to the skin, veins, allergies, piles, infection of eyes, cold, sinus infection and BP.
Surya Mantra "Aum ram ravahe namah" repeated 18 times at the time of wearing hessonite.
Finger Middle Finger
Day and Time It should be worn on Saturday 2 Hours After Sunset (Preferably between 8 to 10 P.M)
Metal Silver
Substitutes Spessartite, Zircon and Amber.

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