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Personalized Yantra

Yantras are considered to be the most effective remedial measures in Vedic Astrology. Yantra is a technique or path through which one can attain one's own desires. Devas or the Planetary gods reside in the yantras and their propitation helps one attain the blessings of the respective planetary god.
Propitiation of yantras is considered to be the shortest way to appease the planets, subject to the condition that they are propitiated in the right way as suggested by the great Indian Rishis (seers). Right propitiation of the yantras and regular worship is the key to attain maximum benefits. All Yantras are blessed and energised before being sent to clients by our panel of learned Vedic Pundits based in India.
All yantras except the Shri Yantra with Pyramid, is of a size 4" X 4" and is engraved on a copper plate with a silver coating around it. The yantra will reach you packed, in an elegant Box.

Shri Yantra with Pyramid
This yantra has powerful effects on the attainment of power, authority, and financial success. It also bestows popularity and favor from the government, higher officials and political leaders.
Price : $ 30.00

Shri Yantra
For General Sucess
Price : $ 30.00

Sudarshan Yantra
Victory over enemies
Price : $ 30.00

Mahalakshmi Yantra
General well being and prosperity
Price : $ 30.00

Kubera Yantra
Enhancing Wealth
Price : $ 30.00

Surya Yantra
For propitiation of the Sun
Price : $ 30.00

Chandra Yantra
For propitiation of the Moon
Price : $ 30.00

Mangala Yantra
For propitiation of the Mars
Price : $ 30.00

Guru Yantra
For propitiation of the Jupiter
Price : $ 30.00

Shukra Yantra
For propitiation of the Venus
Price : $ 30.00

Shani Yantra
For propitiation of the Saturn
Price : $ 30.00

Rahu Yantra
For propitiation of the Rahu
Price : $ 30.00

Ketu Yantra
For propitiation of the Ketu
Price : $ 30.00

Navgraha Yantra
For propitiation of all the Planets
Price : $ 30.00

Maha Mrityunjai Yantra
Long and Healthy life
Price : $ 30.00

KalSarp Yantra
Remove malefic aspects of Kalsarp Yog
Price : $ 30.00

Budha Yantra
For propitiation of Mercury
Price : $ 30.00

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Astrodunia officially registered as MAA ASTRODUNIYA PRIVATE LIMITED, incorporated in the year 2005 provides masses with various top priority and quality astrological reports, analysis, services and tips for trading in the financial segment such as stock market and commodity market across the globe.
The firm also has experience as a stock and commodity broker in the year 2006-2010. The accuracy of tips provided by has been about 92%.

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Our Services provides various services that help people to tackle daily life problems.

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