18 March 2020: Fear of Corona virus And Aftermath


In the previous session, we went long in S&P500 at 2360 with S/L 2320. Booked profit in a long position at 2515.

Today again, we went long in S&P500 at US opening (around 2360) with S/L 2280 for target 2500-2600. Today, the market should move up. Recovery is possible from lower levels. It is possible that the market may trade positively on Thursday. If the opening is downward on Thursday, add long position. By Friday or next Monday, S&P500 can bounce back to 2700. Trend seems to be positive for Friday as well as next Monday-Tuesday.

You can buy blue-chip index stocks such as AMAZON, NETFLIX, MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK, CISCO. In the next week, Mars is changing position (on 22nd March 2020) while Rahu is changing navmansha (will conjunct with Jupiter). On 28th, Venus will enter Taurus. On 29th, Jupiter will enter Capricorn. The market will gradually start to improve. This extreme volatility may reduce to some extent by next week. After 1st April 2020, it’ll turn towards a positive trend. From 14th April, the market will enter bullish phase. The effect of coronavirus shall subdue by the first or second week of April 2020. There are two reasons behind this – 1) Rahu will move away from Adra nakshatra & 2) Saturn will change navmansha on 14th April. The effect may be visible a week earlier as well. The fear of coronavirus may reduce. For 2-3 months, market will enter a positive zone.

This is not the time to panic for investors. Buy value stocks at a huge discount in this catastrophe. In the near term, it’ll prove to be reasonably profitable.

In Annual Letter 2019, we clearly mentioned that 2020 will be a revisit to the recession of 2008. Right now, we are going through the worst phase for the equity market.


Indian market saw Nifty at a low of 8400 while Bank Nifty made a low of 20150. Tomorrow when the market opens, buy large-cap stocks (such as SBI, RELIANCE INDUSTRIES, HDFC, ITC)  in CASH/DELIVERY from a medium-term perspective. You can also buy a small quantity of Nifty and Bank Nifty / Call Options at lower levels and hold for next week. A considerable gain is possible. The first half of next week may behave positively. The second half will have considerable volatility. From the first week of April 2020, the market will move towards an uptrend. After 14th April, it’ll enter a positive phase for 2-3 months.  In next week, Nifty may cross 9000.

Disclaimer: The above research is based on astrology (planetary conditions) and is meant for educational purpose.

It should be noted that investors who had the courage to buy stocks in the recession of 2008 made a fortune. This is a similar opportunity for investment and not gambling.