19 February 2021: View on the global situation

Wish you a happy weekend with Mercury turning direct. May all the obstacles faced recently turn in your favor.

The conjunction of Saturn-Uranus was formed on Wednesday –that’s when the top was made in global stock indices for year 2021. From there onwards, a correction started as per our prediction in American as well as European and Asian markets.

The ongoing planetary combination is powerful in negative ways and indicates signs of natural disasters (earthquake, flood, weather issues) or man-made disasters (such as civil war, terrorism, air or fire accidents).  Some of the natural calamities already started in parts of the United States. On 27th, it is the Full Moon – a week around it may see another wave of such incidents. The US economy is set to a decline. The new strain of COVID-19 is trying to jeopardize the situation. Political unrest in India and public movement are turning unfavorable for the ruling government. Over the weekend, Mars is changing position – The Indian PM Modi needs to take care of his health. We pray to God for his health.

On Monday, lower opening is possible in Asian hours for stock indices.

Precious Metals

It was predicted that bullion may trade lower in today’s Asian hours. Gold made a high of 1788 in the previous session and closed at 1775- it made a low of 1759 today and recovered. It is currently trading at 1768 while the newsletter is being published.

Silver made a high of 27.50 and closed at 27. In today’s Asian hours, it made a low of 26.18. There onwards, it recovered. It is currently trading at 26.68.

From 11.00 HRS (IST), recovery is indicated in precious metals. By closing, Gold shall be around 1780-1788; it should not be surprising if Gold reaches 1800. Silver may bounce back to 27.50 by closing. On Monday, lower opening is possible in Asian hours. From 11.00 HRS, recovery may be observed.

Crude Oil

The top of crude has been made at 62.25. In today’s Asian hours, it made a low of 58.59. It is currently trading at 59. It has been advised to book partial
profit in the short position.

Natural Gas

NG made a high of 3.28 in the previous session; we asked you to short NG. At 3.06, it had been advised to book partial profit in NG. It is ready to drop down to 2.80. In the next week, downtrend is possible.

Indian Stock Market

Indian market may behave like the previous session. In today’s session, lower closing is possible. The market has topped out. In next week, downtrend is indicated.

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