20 August 2020 – Thank you for the great response & Predictions for American Market and Bullion – TSLA and TGT big hit

USA Stock Market

The top in American indices was made yesterday.

The market dropped as per our expectations without crossing the resistance at 3397 for S&P500. Closing basis S/L of 3397 was mentioned for short position. There onwards, a sizable drop was observed. S&P500 Future made a low of 3350.62. Here onwards, the downtrend starts. In a day or two, a bit of uptrend is possible with volatility. If major support at 3320 (for S&p500) is breached then a sharp decline is possible. It is advised to book partial profit in short position at CMP and again short at higher levels (3380). Either Monday or Tuesday, the market might witness a major drop which may extend with volatility.

DOW has support at 27300 while NASDAQ has support at 11100. Book partial profit in RUSSELL as well as DOW & NASDAQ. Wait for higher-level to short indices.

Our previous day’s pick TGT (Target) went up by 12.65%. Our original buying price was 137.80 on Tuesday (in live signals). It went up to 154 yesterday. Also in live signals, we asked you to buy put options in AMZN when it was trading at 3300. We went long in TSLA @ 1850 with S/L 1830 and booked at 1900 (even in our newsletter it was mentioned to long TSLA for the said target).

Precious Metals

We asked you to short Gold at 2020. In live signals, we booked profit around 1960 and then made long position at 1965 (booked at 1980) and again went 50% long at 1945. Gold has support at 1920.  In a day or two, an uptrend is indicated. Use S/L of 1920 for target ????.

We asked you to short Silver at 28.50 and booked profit at 26.80 – also went long there itself. Continue holding long with S/L 26.40 for target ???? until Friday. At higher level on Friday, you can short Silver and Gold for Monday & Tuesday.

Thank You for your support and for availing the Independence Day Offer.

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