23 September 2019: Part of Daily Newsletter

Indian Stock Market

Indian market will continue to trade bullish for the day. On Tuesday, a sharp decline is possible; making short position is not advised. From Wednesday to Friday, mixed to bullish trend is indicated. Nifty Sept expiry may be above 11400.

It is advised to book 50% profit in the long position of indices at the opening. Around 12.00 HRS, again buyback this position and positional traders can book 50% profit at closing while day traders can book 100% profit.

On Thursday itself, we wrote in our newsletter that the bottom is being made. We had also said that here onwards, market will head to 12000.

In the two trading sessions (including today), we are seeing a rally of Nifty from 10700 to 11500. In Bank Nifty, we have witnessed a rally of 10%+. We hope you made a considerable profit with a lot of patience. We thank you for trusting our work and immense patience in such a volatile environment where every day, almost every sentiment was bearish. We honestly hope this relationship of yours with AstroDunia lasts longer than ever.  We are committed to delivering beyond our capabilities.