24 July 2020: Action in Equities and US Treasury Bonds

Our take on the American equity market was recently published wherein it was asked to short S&P500 at 3255 and 3272. The weekly closing on 24th July 2020 has been at 3202 with low at 3191.50. Gold and Silver are doing a wonderful job for our subscribers. It should be noted that we had clearly timed the 2011 uptrend in Gold and Silver very well. This week, Treasury Bonds trade in a tight range but very much followed our view. Our trades in Bonds this week:

  • We were long in US 30 Y T-Bond  @179.78  (from Last Friday)
  • Booked 50% profit at 181.14 (on 23rd July 2020 | 7 PM IST )
  • Added long position at 180.28 (on 24th July 2020 | 7.14 PM IST )
  • Booked 50% profit at 181.05 (on 24th July  2020 | 11.36 PM IST)

The corona numbers are increasing rapidly and there is a lot of volatility in store for stocks as well as bullion, energy, bonds.

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