Annual Letter 2021 released on the Indian Republic Day & Short term Predictions ahead

We are happy to announce the launch of Annual Letter 2021. Happy Republic Day! This launch was covered by Google News.
Short term predictions from Daily Newsletter of 27 January 2021:

  • Stock market:
    The market closed flat in the previous session. Today, it is the FOMC. Tomorrow’s Asian morning will have a conjunction of Pluto & Venus along with Jupiter & Sun. Also, it will be a Full Moon. Today, the market may behave mixed. It may turn bullish on Thursday. On Friday, the trend may turn unfavorable. Indices can be bought from the perspective of two days. 3780 and 30500 are the support levels for S&P500 and DOW. Long S&P 500 & DOW at lower levels for two days. In live signals, we asked you to buy GME- it closed at 147 (buying was advised at 93), LLY @212, TSLA @ 883, MRNA @151, RNTX.
  • Bullion:
    Remain long in Gold and Silver at lower levels. Partial profit may be booked at a higher range.