Astro Indication for 15-19 June 2020 & Solar Eclipse impact

Global Equity Markets

The trend is overall negative on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. On Tuesday and Friday, bounce back is a possibility. We are short in S&P500 at 3215. Today at Asian opening, we booked partial profit in short position of indices.
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Major solar eclipse ahead:

Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Pluto are already in retrograde motion at the moment. On 18th, Mercury will turn retrograde while Rahu & Ketu remain in retro always. The eclipse due on 21st June 2020 will be exceptional. On 23rd, Neptune will also turn retro. Such a unique combination will be observed after almost 500 years. The solar eclipse is happening in Gemini moon sign during mrigshira nakshatra.

Sun, Rahu, Mercury and Moon will be in Gemini on 21st.

Timing for eclipse: 10.19 HRS to 14.02 HRS (IST) of 21 June 2020. As per astrology, the effect will be visible 72 hours ahead of this astronomical event and will remain in place for four months (till September). In this period, death of major politicians, natural or man-made disaster (such as earthquake, flood, cyclone, fire accident, suicide bombing). Apart from this, US-China, India-Pakistan and other geopolitical tension may take a big shape. There can be a state of war. Major effect will be visible across India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Africa, Russia, North America, Australia, Canada and Middle East. This eclipse will be visible in India, China, Taiwan, Africa, South East Europe, parts of Russia and North America and Australia.

The entire world was already troubled with coronavirus and somehow the pre-effect of eclipse seems to act. Racism is being highlighted extensively across USA, Canada, France and other parts of the world; this is very unacceptable for any rational society.

The eclipse will impact the global financial market as well. From 21st to 25th, major effect is possible in equity market. Overall, the effect may last till 11th -12th July 2020.

On 3rd November, it is the presidential election in USA. This eclipse may spoil Trump’s social status and reputation. Currently, Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is also there (it happens every twenty years). Whenever there is Saturn-Jupiter conjunction and it coincides with a presidential election in USA, the president in power doesn’t return victorious or is killed. Historically in 1840, William Henry won the elections and died of pneumonia within six months. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln emerged victorious but was assassinated in six months. In 1880, Games Garfield won the elections and was shot dead in 1881. In 1900, William McKinley won the elections and was assassinated in September 1901. In 1920, Warren G Harding won the elections and died of a heart attack in 1923. In 1940, Franklin Roosevelt won the elections and died due to bad health in 1943. In 1960, John F Kennedy won the elections and was shot dead in 1963. In 1980, Donald Regan won the elections, and assassination was tried but failed.

In 2000, Gorge W Bush came to power. On 10 May 2005, a grenade was thrown at him but he was somehow saved. The only thing we are trying to imply is whenever Saturn-Jupiter conjuncts and it coincides with a presidential election, it is not lucky for the President. I don’t feel that Trump will return to power. If he returns to power then completing the term is going to be difficult or impossible.

This eclipse shall be favorable for Aries, Leo, Capricorn, Pisces ascendants. It’ll be unfavorable for Scorpio ascendants- they need to pay special attention.