Astrodunia enters 18th year of business

AstroDunia enters its 18th year in business this month. Mr. Rajeev has been into astrology for 35 years. Back in 2005, he started forecasting financial markets on a weekly TV show by the name of “ASTRO DUNIA” and the website With time, our team innovated and built multiple products such as Daily Newsletter, Live Signal, Positional Signal and Annual Letter that assisted investors across the globe. Several predictions such as the Lower Circuit in January 2008 (the core prediction being that the Indian stock market would witness 2 lower circuits between 14th and 24th January 2008), The Financial Crisis of 2020, and the Rally of Silver in 2011 became historic milestones. Several predictions relating to the US Presidential Elections proved to be 100% correct (Barack Obama, Donald Trump – victory in 2017 & loss in 2021 & Joe Biden). At the beginning of 2022, we published the 10th edition of Annual Letter which is our guide for long-term investors.

AstroDunia enters 18th year in business

The crux of 17 years into financial markets is that one needs a strategy for investment as well as trading. Risk management is critical for any portfolio. Follow Warren Buffet’s famous quote “Be fearful when others are greedy.”. Those who had the guts to invest in years like 2008, 2012 & 2020 made extraordinary returns from the market. All of the major corrections of equity market were covered by our predictions. Astrology unhides the ground reality of the world and plays a key role in our analysis.

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