Be cautious of the stock market

Our subscribers took a short position in S&P500 (SPOT) at 3910, DOW at 32950 and NASDAQ at 11600 for target ?????…

Stock market to continue uncertainty until 8th/9th November 2022.

Updates: Covered short position of S&P500 at 3840 and took a long position from intraday perspective. Booked profit in intraday long position at 3880. S&P500 makes a low of 3747. . At 3880, it was then advised to book profit in long position and take a short position. Covered this short position at 3750. Now, intra-day buying has been advised in S&P500 with S/L 3720. A bounce back is possible in Thursday’s session but overall trend is downward until 8th November 2022.

Total points gained in S&P500: 240+

It was advised to short NASDAQ at 11600 – booked profit at 10930 & DOW at 32960- booked profit at 32080.   

Also bought Gold & Silver at Asian opening of Wednesday. Booked profit in long position and took short position of Gold & Silver at 1666 & 19.90. Booked 50% profit in short position at lower level. *Dec contract

Please note that the view shared on website may not be sufficient to take position. Paid subscription will help you enter and exit the position. We had a buy call on TSLA at 199-booked at 235. Call +91-9669919000 or e-mail [email protected] for details.