The Concept of AstroDunia

We established AstroDunia to harness the ancient knowledge of Vedic astrology from India, creating a platform for people to research astrology concepts, understand their implications, and appreciate the insights recorded by sages centuries ago. Our platform invites collaboration with other experts to deliver exceptional value to our audience.

In addition to personal consultations, we have applied astrological principles to financial markets, weather, agriculture, politics, and more, achieving an accuracy rate of over 80%. While no science can claim 100% accuracy, astrology should be viewed through a new lens.

We publicly predicted the 2008 financial crash and, in our 2018 Annual Letter, forecasted the downturn of 2020, advising investors to wait until the second quarter to invest. In our 2024 Annual Letter, we predicted that the BJP may not secure a majority in the Indian elections, with the INC gaining more seats. We also forecasted that Trump might win the US Presidential election if he overcomes legal challenges, following our accurate predictions of Trump’s victory in 2016 and his defeat in 2020. Trump has a potential path to the presidency again, pending legal resolutions.

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