Crucial Updates on Indices, Commodities & Bonds

Our subscribers covered the short position of S&P500 at 3890, DOW at 33000, NASDAQ at 11300 and RUSSELL at 1840 and made long position. Booked 50% profit in S&P500 and NASDAQ at Friday’s US closing. We had a buy call on NFLX at 315 – booked profit at 341. Also went long in NVDA at 170, BABA at 114.50, TSLA at 127, PDD at 92 and PYPL at 72.50. Booked 50% profit in PYPL at 78.25. Bought crude oil at 79 and Gold at 1902 & Silver at 23.50(after covering short position). Booked profit in long position of Copper at the higher level and again went long at 4.20. At Friday’s US closing, it was recommended to long NG. It was advised to short US 30 Y Treasury Bond at 133.00 – covered at 130.20.

Subscribers may choose to opt for live signals in global markets because they provide real-time information about market conditions and potential trade opportunities. This can help traders make more informed decisions and potentially increase their chances of success in the market. Additionally, live signals can be especially useful for traders who may not have the time or resources to closely monitor market conditions on their own.