Annual Letter 2021 at a discount for you.

Where is the market headed after the April-mid June 2021 rally as per the Annual Letter 2021? What will be the direction of Gold and Silver? Where is Bitcoin headed? Will 2021 be a new rollercoaster?

Insightful answers to many such questions.
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The 9th edition of Annual Letter by Astro Dunia is a boon for medium/long-term investors Choosing the right allocation of assets in your portfolio will be the deciding factor for its performance. Astrology unhides the best combination that can safeguard your portfolio amidst the most volatile time in history. 
Crisp & Clear Directions For Investors is our forte.
*AL2021 will be released around the second week of January 2021. 
Features of Annual Letter 2021:

  • Major asset classes covered: Equity Indices, Precious & Industrial Metals, Currency Pairs, Treasury Bonds, Energy Products & Agriculture (Grains, Pulses, Edible Oil, Sugar, Cotton, Guar Gum)
  • Predictions in a timeline format from a medium/long term perspective.
  • Suitable for investors in global markets
  • Special Focus on US & Indian stocks