Expert Trading Strategies Result in Significant Profit for Subscribers

We executed a short position in the February contracts of Nifty at 18200 and Bank Nifty at 43060, as well as short positions in SBIN at 604, HDFC Bank at 1685, and HDFC at 2760. Additionally, we held a positional short in Adani Enterprises with a target of 3200, which was executed in December 2022 at 4140. Our subscribers were able to achieve a significant profit through these positions. Booked profit in Nifty @ 17750, Bank Nifty @ 40900, SBIN @ 552, HDFC Bank @ 1610, HDFC @2675 and Adani Enterprises @ 3200. The current downtrend in Indian Market was very well covered in the Annual Letter 2023.

Crisp and clear direction is necessary in financial markets as it helps investors and traders make informed decisions about their investments. Without clear direction, it becomes difficult for investors to understand the current market conditions and make accurate predictions about the future. This can lead to poor investment decisions and significant financial losses. Furthermore, a clear direction helps investors and traders to understand the underlying drivers of market movements, such as economic indicators, company performance, and geopolitical events. It also helps them to identify potential opportunities and risks in the market, and to make strategic decisions about when to enter or exit a trade. In short, clear direction is essential for success in the financial markets and it is necessary for both short-term trading and long-term investment decisions.

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