Friday’s newsletter for your reference

Global Equity Indices

In the previous session, S&P500 made a low of 3005 while NASDAQ made a low below 9900 and DOW made a low of 25180. At lower level, we booked profit in short position of S&P500, DOW and NASDAQ and went long. On the public platform Twitter, we sent a buy signal in $ES_F 3016 for target 3080.

In the previous session, we covered short in $TSLA at 942 and went long. Also, buying was advised in FEDEX ($FDX) at 133 and NVDIA ($NVDA). TSLA made a high of 985. FDX closed above 136 while NVDA closed at 279.

Book profit in long position of S&P500 around 3080-3100 and NASDAQ around 10100-10200. Also, there itself make 50% short position.

For the day, trend is mixed. Closing may be positive but we are not very sure.

Today, kindly ensure to book profit in long position of stocks.

On 30th, Jupiter will enter Sagittarius in retrograde motion and conjunct with Pluto. By mid-July, a sharp drop is possible. You can short at higher levels or buy corresponding put options.

On Monday, Asian opening may be slightly positive but we are not very sure. So, avoid getting trapped in bull trend for a single session. It must be noted that planetary combinations may reflect their action slightly ahead or before the projected time. There can be a margin of +/- 2 days.
Precious Metals

Bullion may trade uncertain for the day. In evening session, a correction is possible. Gold made a low of 1764 in the previous session while Silver made a low of 17.50. Today, these lows can be breached. From Monday, trend shall turn favorable for precious metals.

You can long bullion at lower level or closing hour of today’s session and hold for next week. Positional traders may buy only 50% position.

Indian Stock Market

Jupiter will enter Sagittarius on 30th June 2020.By mid-July, a sizable correction is possible in Indian market. It is best advised to buy put options in Nifty and Bank Nifty.