Gold achieves the first target. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano prove to be excellent opportunities

In the previous session, Gold made a high of 1809 while Silver made a high of 23.65.

BTC/USD made a high of 50498 in the previous session. We asked you to buy BTC/USD at 29500 back on 20 July 2021 (along with other crypto-currencies). Ethereum made a high of 3373- this was bought at 1900. Cardano made a high of 2.90.

S&P500 has support at 4400. If this support is not breached then it may move up to 4700. Nifty has support at 16000 – if not breached then it may move up to 17000-17200.

ALERT: In the period between mid-September and October 2021, global markets may witness a sharp drop. Nov-Dec will again be positive.

BNTX made a high of 381 in the previous session. We asked you to buy BNTX at 341 last Friday. SNOW also moved up considerably- bought at 248 last Friday. GOOGL made a high of 2800- bought at 2670. TSLA made a high of 706. NVDA made a high of 219. MRNA made a high of 411- bought at 380.

The bottom of crude is already in. By March 2022, it may move up to $90/bbl.

Timing is the most important aspect of any investment.

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