Gold breaches $1500; are you ready for a temporary reversal? Special Trial offer.

Gold December contract breached $1500 today and made a low of 1494 while Silver December contract made a low of 17.85. TEMPORARY REVERSAL is expected from today’s US hours but how long will it sustain? 1_ September (ONLY FOR MEMBERS). Then again a major crash is awaited before the end of September!  Followed by a bullish rally for upcoming months!

S&P500 is ready for a correction from today.

We were short in US 30 Y T-Bond @ 167.50. Today, this short position has been covered at 162.30. Big reversal is due in oil from today (+/- 1 day).

We were long in NG @ 1.98. Profit was booked at 2.60.

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