Happy 70th Republic Day

Happy Republic Day!

Here is a small message from our team:

India enters the celebration for 70th republic day. Despite it being 69 years post the first time the Indian constitution was introduced, elections are still fought over basic amenities of life (such as water, electricity, food, subsidy, and reservation). Indian entrepreneurs, scientists, and visionaries have changed the world for the better. However, it comes to my conscience that we are still failing as a society on moral grounds. Suicide somehow remains as a major reason behind deaths in India (with 800,000 Indians committing suicide every year). It is time for all of us to introspect and see if we are in a position to help our surroundings. A bit of humanitarian concern could wipe off such issues. We need to follow what we preach. Honesty is the best policy – not just in books but reality. An honest businessman is trusted even by people who may not be honest at all.
Coming to growth, there should be a fair share with the citizens and this should never be limited to a couple of business families running the country. Our population isn’t a liability but an asset that can deliver superior results if mentored and supported by the society and not just the government. Next time there is a youngster trying to penetrate a new market, help him or her out. If they grow, they might be the next Tesla or Microsoft or Infosys and could contribute to the growth of the country in more than one way. India happens to be a unique country which needs solutions to its own set of distinctive problems and the entrepreneurs of today will decide the future. The way Jio changed the price of data in India is remarkable.
The growth story of India is fabulous. From a cash-drenched country looted by Britishers to a global IT powerhouse and the resource center of the world, it is quite a transformation. But achieving the next level requires your co-operation and contribution. Dear fellow Indians, this is your country and only you have the power to change its fate. Jai Hind!