Highlights from Annual Letter 2022

Happy New Year!

Highlights from Annual Letter 2022:

  • The boom in the stock market which was observed from March 2020 to December 2021 shall finally burst in 2022. We might not see such a boom for several years.
  • 2022 will have 2/3 sizable drops of 10-20%. Overall, the end of 2022 will be on a positive note.
  • A major impact of COVID-19 will be visible between February and mid-April 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic will finally diminish after April 2022.
  • However, geopolitical tension may arise across Russia, Ukraine, the USA, China, India, Pakistan. Border tension may intensify.
  • In 2022, US-China relations may strain and result in a ban or reduced trade. This will impact the market as well.
  • India’s growth may be better in the year 2022. 2/3 major natural disasters (such as an earthquake) are possible.
  • 2022 will be a year of commodities. Precious Metals may witness a sizable uptrend but when?
  • Energy products may also move higher significantly but when?
  • Some agro-products may also trade higher than expected.
  • Central banks are headed towards higher interest rates.
  • Crypto-currencies are here to stay. Major ups and downs are indicated but will remain as the lead character.
  • Several interesting turns of events are due in 2022.
  • Details of how and when the above predictions will unfold shall be available with Annual Letter 2022.

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