Important Hint for Stockmarket: Don’t buy here

We shared an important alert on Twitter yesterday :

This is in line with our recent prediction about a new bottom after 20th October 2022.

Whenever Saturn turns direct and is in conjunction with Sun or opposite Sun & a relationship is formed with Rahu, market witnesses a sizable crash. On 23rd October 2022, Saturn turns direct (opp. Sun & Rahu). This may lead to significant downside which somewhat started on 19th October 2022. In the US market, a new bottom is likely to happen. In the Indian market, we might see a sharp fall.

Technicel levels to consider: Nifty has resistance at 17750. We had a short position in Nifty at 17750 for target 16900 & below. Took a short position in S&P500 above 3700 & DOW at 30800 and NASDAQ at 11400.

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