Latest Index, Metal, Energy Trades – Jan 2024

Recent Trades:

  • Short S&P500 Spot (4780) to (4705): Profiting from a downward swing in the market.
  • Short DOW Spot (37750) to (37480): Similar profit from a dip in the DOW.
  • Short RUSSELL Spot (2060) to (1958): Successful short play on the Russell index.
  • Short NASDAQ (16800) to (16400); Profiting from a downtrend in the NASDAQ index.
You have the power to protect your portfolio.

Market Outlook:

  • Potential recovery for the US stock market by Friday.
  • Gold bounce back expected: Positive trend for gold until Monday.
  • Crude oil outlook: Positive today, may turn negative on Friday, then positive again on Monday. Monitor closely. Our subscribers bought crude oil at 70.00 yesterday.
  • Indian market U-turn possible: Potential upward movement until Friday.

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