Lord Rama’s Timeless Wisdom on Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Inauguration

Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Inauguration

Published on a date etched in history, this piece coincides with the momentous inauguration of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi in Ayodhya, making it a timeless document of this significant event.

Ayodhya looks beautiful, not just because of the sunlight on the new Shri Rama Janmbhoomi, but because of the timeless wisdom of Shri Rama’s teachings. Shri Rama is not just a god; he’s like a guide, showing the way to a bright and fair society. Today, as we celebrate more than just bricks and walls, let’s wake up the Rama inside us — the hero who can change our lives and our world.

Doing the Right Thing:
Imagine Shri Rama not only as a prince in fancy clothes but also as a keen student, eager to learn. Picture him in exile, not just as a king who lost his throne, but as a devoted son, always doing what his father asked. Think of him as a husband, always loving Sita, even when things got tough. This is doing the right thing — always trying to do our best, no matter what’s happening. By doing our best in our roles, we help make a strong and good society.

Being Kind:
Think of Shri Rama not just as a warrior defeating Ravana, but as a friend, hugging Hanuman with tears in his eyes. Picture him forgiving Kaikeyi, not because he had to, but because he understood her. This is being kind — helping others when they need it, forgiving when someone makes a mistake, and understanding each other. If we all do this, we can make a society where everyone is kind to each other.

Leadership with Humility:
See Shri Rama not only as a king but as a friend who listens to others. Picture him serving Shabri’s berries with respect, not because she was important, but because he respected her love. This is being a good leader. If we lead by listening and valuing every person, we can make a society where everyone works together.

Respecting Nature:
Remember Shri Rama not just as a warrior using arrows but as someone who loved nature, listened to the wind, and respected the animals. Picture him as a friend to the vanaras, caring for their home and living peacefully with nature. This is respecting nature — taking care of the Earth, protecting green places, and listening to what nature tells us. If we all do this, we can build a society that doesn’t harm nature.

Treating Everyone Fairly:
Imagine Shri Rama not just as a king in Ayodhya, but as a leader for everyone, being fair and helping those who need it. This is treating everyone fairly — making sure everyone has the same chance, and everyone’s voice matters. If we stand up against unfair treatment, speak up for those who need help, we can build a society where everyone gets a fair shot, not just a few.

The opening of the Shri Rama Janmbhoomi is not just about celebrating stones and walls; it’s a call to wake up the Rama in each of us. Let’s be like him, doing our best, helping others, being humble, respecting nature, and treating everyone fairly. In doing this, we build not just a bright society, but a reflection of Shri Rama’s timeless lessons — a world where everyone gets along, and everyone is treated fairly.

So, step into the light, embrace the Rama within, and let your journey begin!