Mars’ Transition: Are We Prepared for What’s to Come?

Mars’ transition is expected to bring earthquakes, natural and man-made disasters, and terrorism to the world.

The recent war between Israel and Hamas resulted in heavy casualties and property damage on both sides. Afghanistan also experienced a major earthquake, killing thousands of people.

A solar eclipse will occur on October 14, 2023, and a lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023. By mid-November 2023, major natural or man-made disasters, possibly including terrorist attacks, are likely to occur around the globe, including in India. The United States and India may be particularly vulnerable to such incidents. Additionally, a health hazard may also pose a problem for the world.

US Stock Market: weak for Monday-Tuesday. Positive on Wednesday-Thursday. Pressure at higher levels on Friday. Next week may exhibit weakness. S&P500 has resistance at 4320 & support at 4250.
Gold/Silver: We suggested long positions in Gold Dec @ 1825.00 and Silver Dec @ 20.90 last week. The current week is bullish.
Crude Oil: Took short position in crude oil at 93 and covered last Friday. Again, a short position is suggested at 87 & 88 with S/L 89.

Bonds: The bottom of US 30 Y T-Bond was made last week. It is gradually headed higher from here over the next few weeks.

Indian Market: A downtrend is indicated by Tuesday. Wednesday-Friday’s opening is positive. On Friday, short position is suggested at higher level. In the next week, market can be bearish. Nifty (Spot) has resistance at 19800 and support at 19350. Bank Nifty (Spot) has support at 43800 and resistance at 45200.

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