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AMZN was a buy at 126.50 on Thursday – it went to 140 in the after-market session. AAPL was a buy at 191 – earnings were not as per expectations -hold with S/L 184. Also, advised long position in NET (Cloudflare) at 64.90 – it traded above 70 in the after-market.

Retrograde Venus is moving to Cancer on Monday, and it will form a square with Uranus on Wednesday. This is a significant astrological event, and it has the potential to cause volatility in the stock market.

The last time this combination happened was in 2015. Between August 18 and 25, the US stock market corrected by 13-13.5%. On August 24, 2015 (a Monday), the US market traded downward by 5.5% in a single session. The Sensex in India also dropped by over 1600 points on the same date.

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