Next action in the US market – 9 October 2020 – Special Coupon

Today, a correction is possible in the US session owing to Mars-Pluto conjunction. However, we are not sure about it. Follow the support at 3420-3400 and resistance at 3500. Market may behave overall positive with some volatility in the next week. After 17th, drastic change is indicated which may continue until Mid-November 2020. Could we repeat the history of March 2020? Technically if S&P500 doesn’t breach 3400 then it may move up to 3500-3550 in the coming days. We are still of the opinion that Trump may not get a second term. In 2016, we clearly predicted victory for Trump but this time, stars are not favorable for him.

Bullion is trading exactly as per our prediction. What’s next?
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