Next Bottom Date: 23 March 2023

US Indices

It was advised to short S&P500 at 3928 on Wednesday, NASDAQ at 12180, and DOW at 32140 & RUSSELL at 1800. Covered 50% position in S&P500 at 3849, NASDAQ at 11970, and DOW at 31616. Booked 50% profit in RUSSELL at 1761.

Yesterday, DOW made a low of 31429 and closed at 31874; S&P500 made a low of 3838 and closed at 3891; RUSSELL made a low of 1716 and closed at 1740; NASDAQ made a low of 11960 and closed at 12251.

It has been suggested to take a 50% short position in NASDAQ at 12260 & S&P500 at 3891. Add short position in S&P500 around 3935, RUSSELL around 1790 and DOW around 32200. Follow closing basis S/L of 3962 for S&P500.

Volatility may remain high in the market. For today and tomorrow, a bearish trend may dominate the market. It is advised to remain short in indices at higher levels.

S&P500 may breach the support at 3800 by Friday. The short term bottom for stock market is anticipated around 23 March 2023.


In the previous session, it was advised to long Gold at 1900 and Silver at 21.75. Booked profit in long positions of Gold at 1930 and Silver at 22.40. Again, add 50% long position in Gold @ 1900-1905 with S/L 1880 for target 1940-1950 and Silver @ 21.70 with S/L 21.40 for target 22.50.
Gold made a high of 1942 and closed at 1931 while Silver made a high of 22.50 and closed at 21.88.


US 30 Y T-Bond achieved the original target of 133.00 in the previous session. In the next 3 months, US 30 Y T-Bond may move up to 138.00-140.00 with support at 127.00. Wait for 130 to accumulate 50% long position.

Similarity to 2008:

In the Annual Letter of 2023, we made clear that there could be a financial scam or banking failure after 6 March 2023. Drawing parallels to the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, it is noteworthy that Mars was positioned in Gemini (in D-9 chart: Libra) at that time. On 12 March 2023, Mars once again entered Gemini (in D9 chart: Libra), repeating history. The regulatory authorities have intervened in the functioning of SVB, Signature and other banks. We anticipate a short-term bottom around 23 March 2023, and caution that the next three months may witness significant breakdowns and a deluge of global economic news. As an indication of our credibility, it is noteworthy that our original short position in S&P500 was advised at 4150, and in Nifty was advised at 18000.

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