NVDA, NFLX, TSLA, AAPL and META bounce back as expected

Our subscribers were able to long NVDA at 144, NFLX at 283, TSLA at 111, AAPL at 128 and META at 116. In the previous session, NVDA made a high of 146, NFLX made a high of 295, TSLA made a high of 124 and META made a high of 120.40.

Happy New Year Greetings
Our team extends wishes for “Happy New Year” to you and your family!

Our recent buy call on crude oil at 77.50 proved to be another opportunity. Crude closed at 80.44. The positional buying was advised at 72.

We have a positional short in NG at 7.00. It made a low of 4.01.

It was advised to long Gold @1800 and Silver @23.55 earlier this week. Gold closed at 1830 and Silver closed at 24.17.

Took a short position in Copper at 3.94. Copper is now trading at 3.81.

Made long position in EUR/USD at 1.0600 – booked at 1.0700 and GBP/USD at 1.2015 – booked at 1.2100. Traders were advised to short USD/JPY at 134.00 – booked at 131.50 & dollar index at 104.25 – booked at 103.50.

The stock market is expected to move higher on 3rd January 2023.