Part of Newsletter & Live Signals sent on 27 May 2020

Global Stock Indices

Last Friday, we asked you to long S&P500 at 2940 and NASDAQ at 9280. In live signals, we asked you to book profit in S&P500 at 3017 and NASDAQ at 9555 yesterday. S&P500 made a high of 3019 in the previous session. For today and tomorrow, market is mixed to downward and S&P500 can move down to 2940-2920. Around 2998-3000 & 3020, you can short S&P500.

Live Signal Update: Short position covered in S&P500 at 2969 and DOW at 24920 (short position built at 25300). Went long in NASDAQ @ 9200.

Precious Metals

In the previous session, we mentioned that Gold has resistance at 1738 and support at 1720. The high of Gold was 1736. We asked you to short Gold at higher level. Gold breached the support of 1720. It is possible that Gold may breach —- while Silver may breach –.–. Silver made a high of 18.00 and low of 17.50 in the previous session. Now, the new resistance for Gold lies at 1720 and support lies at 1700. Remain short in bullion at higher level.

Live Signal Update: Positional short in Gold was built at 1774 last week & 50% profit has been booked today at 1691.

Crude Oil

With S/L of 35.00, traders can short crude oil for target 33-32.50 in a day or two. Positional traders can wait for lower level to accumulate crude oil.

Natural Gas

Short NG at 1.95 with S/L 2.00 for target 1.80-1.75.

Currency Pairs


Short EUR/USD at higher level. Around 1.0900, book 50% profit.


Around 1.2350, you can add short position in GBP/USD.


Around 107, book profit in short and make long position.


Hold short position for target 75.

Dollar Index

Long dollar index at 99 for target 100.

US 30 Y T-Bond

Hold long position in US 30 Y T-Bond for target 180-181.50.


Short yield -50% @ CMP (US 10 Y @ 0.69 for target 0.62 & US 30 Y @ 1.43 for target 1.38).


Hold long position in Bitcoin with S/L 8300.

Indian Stock Market

Indian market shall be volatile for the day. Opening may be positive. With volatility, market may try to move up from 11.00 to 12.45 HRS. From 12.45 to 14.30 HRS, highly volatile trend is indicated; no clear view is available. In the closing hour, recovery is possible.