Stock market around the world

Global Stock Indices

In the previous session, stock market traded as per our prediction. It closed positive and witnessed selloff in today’s Asian hours. DOW closed at 22552 while S&P500 closed at 2630 and NASDAQ closed at 7797. RUSSELL closed at 1172. At closing, we asked you to add short position. Right now, S&P500 is trading around 2570. It is advised to book partial profit in short position. American and European Market shall close negative. On Monday, global markets shall be positive due to Rohini nakshtra and Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. This will give a positive opening in Asian hours for Monday. US closing shall be flat to positive or negative on Monday. On Tuesday (31st March) – Wednesday (1st April), Saturn-Mars conjunction is possible along with Rahu-Moon. This may lead to a sharp decline which shall be the last leg of negative trend. From 2nd April, market will start to trade upward with volatility. From 14th, it’ll enter a bull cycle. In the next weekly newsletter, the trend ahead for next 2-3 months will be detailed for positional traders. The bottom of S&P500 has been made at 2172 and there is zero chance of retest.  The spread of coronavirus has suddenly jumped. The peak will be formed by the first week of April and it’ll gradually slow down. Eventually after the chaos in market, fiscal support and stimulus packages are helping sustain the market.

By closing, S&P500 can drop down to 2450 or below. At closing hour if market remains negative, you can make 33% long position. Positional traders can buy 33% APPLE, AMAZON, TESLA, NVDIA, FACEBOOK, MICROSOFT, BOEING and biotech related stocks.

Indian Stock Market

Indian market shall remain positive for the day. The bottom of Nifty was made this week at 7350. Now, it is ready to jump to 10200. Intraday support lies at 8500 and resistance lies at 9000. Today’s closing is expected to be positive. Market shall open gap today. By 10.00 HRS, some profit booking is possible. From 10.00 to 12.50 HRS, market shall be highly volatile but positive. From 12.50 to 14.00 HRS, slightly downward move is possible. From 14.00 HRS to closing, more of uptrend will be visible.

On 30th March 2020, uptrend is indicated due to Rohini nakshatra and Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. Around 31st March and 1st April, a sharp correction is possible which could give you an opportunity to make long position at dip. From 2nd April, market will enter uptrend with volatility till 14th April. After 14th, it’ll enter a bull cycle. For details, wait for next weekly newsletter.