Stock market positive today but downtrend on Thursday-Friday

The stock market is positive in today’s session but a U-turn is possible over the weekend. In the previous session, it was advised to make a long position in S&P500, DOW, NASDAQ, and RUSSELL at the lower level. Book profit in the long position of S&P500 around 3900 and take a short position for the downtrend till Friday. FDX and NKE were a buy on Tuesday. Book profit in FDX and NKE today.

The recent recommendation for the long position in Gold at 1780 & Silver at 23.20 has worked out well for traders. Gold made a high of 1831 and Silver made a high of 24.50. Today, a positive trend is indicated. In the next 2 sessions, a profit booking is possible.

Book profit in the long position of the Indian stock market today as a downtrend is indicated over the weekend.

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