Stocks drop as expected and introductory discount

In our last weekly update, we published that the stock market would drop in the current week.

Some of the key trades of the current week:

  • Short position in S&P500 at 4170, DOW at 34100, NASDAQ at 12650 and RUSSELL at 1960 – covered 50% at today’s Asian hours.
  • Bought TSLA, NVDA, DIS, ABBV, PEP, and RE at the lower levels of Wednesday and booked profit at higher levels on Thursday. Made 3-10% in the above stocks. Bought EFX – exited at 2% loss.
  • Short position in Gold (Apr) @ 1896 – covered 50% @ 1873.
  • Short position in EUR/USD – 50% @ 1.0795, GBP/USD – 50%  @ 1.2190.
  • Long position in USD/JPY – 50% @ 130.55 and Dollar Index – 50% @ 102.52.
  • Bought Copper at 4.02 – booked profit at 4.09.

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