Subscribers Make Consistent Profits

We have been regularly reminding you that mid January onwards, stock market would experience significant downtrend. Despite repeated recovery, the strength is not visible. The market is not able to sustain the higher levels. This is in line with the predictions of Annual Letter 2022 and market timing services.

On 26 January 2022, our subscribers took a short position in S&P500 @ 4420, NASDAQ @ 14460, DOW @ 34500. Booked 50% profit in short position at CMP while this post is being published (S&P500 @ 4281, NASDAQ is at 13915 and DOW is at 33639). In the Indian market, our subscribers took a short position in Nifty at 17300 and Bank Nifty at 37800.

PreciousMetals: It was advised to take a short position in Gold at 1844 and Silver at 24. Booked 50% profit in Gold @ 1815 and Silver at 23.35. Dowtrend to continue with volatility BUT until WHEN? When should positional traders long bullion?

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