The Key Advantage of Live Trading Signals

Amidst the ongoing volatility in global financial markets, daily trading ranges don’t seem to be the appropriate tool for traders. You need something more concrete and readily available. At AstroDunia, we take pride in being the pioneers of live trading signals using financial astrology in global markets. Our live signals help you enter and exit the trade(s) at the right time. The average volatility in S&P500 (one of the most stable equity indices) in March-April 2020 was over 4% on a daily basis. The highest volatility observed in any session in this period was around 8% while the lowest observation was at 1.4%. In a nutshell,¬†trading simply with ranges but without live signals is not feasible. The daily range doesn’t indicate which range it’ll hit first.¬†
PS: We went long in S&P500 at 2940 last Friday and booked profit at 3017 a little earlier today.

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