Trade Updates: S&P 500 and Stocks

We are pleased to share some recent trade updates that have yielded positive results and noteworthy market movements. Our astute financial astrology analysis has guided us in making strategic investment decisions, leading to profitable trades. Here are the details of the trades:

  1. TTWO (Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.)
  • Bought at $122.80 on Wednesday
  • Achieved a remarkable increase, reaching $141.
  1. SNPS (Synopsys Inc.)
  • Bought at $375 on Wednesday
  • Demonstrated strong performance, reaching $402.
  1. WMT (Walmart Inc.)
  • Bought at $149.50 on Wednesday
  • Experienced a notable upward movement, reaching $154.

Additionally, we have taken short positions in the following indices, based on our analysis and astrological insights:

  1. Short position in #SPX500 (S&P 500) -Initiated at 4160
  1. Short position in #nasdaq (NASDAQ Composite) -Initiated at 13,580
  1. Short position in #russell (Russell 2000) -Initiated at 1775
  1. Short position in #dow (Dow Jones Industrial Average) -Initiated at 33,400

Trade updates on 19 May 2023: The S/L has been triggered in indices. But it has again been suggested to take short position in S&P500 @ 4203 with closing basis S/L 4210, NASDAQ @ 13875 with closing basis S/L 13905, DOW @ 33550 with closing basis S/L 33650 and RUSSELL @ 1785 with closing basis S/L of 1801. Use the above S/L and hold position for next week. It looks like the top has been made in today’s Asian morning. Moon-Uranus conjunction either makes the top or bottom. The conjunction ended in today’s Asian morning. Moon entered Aries on 17 May 2023 and from there the trend started getting positive. 

Bullion Update: Buy small quantity of Gold (Jun) @ 1958 with S/L 1940 for target 1978. If it crosses 1980 then it may move up to 1995. Buy small quantity of Silver (July) @ 23.58 with S/L 23.20 for target 24.00-24.50. 

Energy Update: We took a short position in crude at 73 for target 70.

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