$TWTR and $FB long positions make profit

On our public Twitter account (@astrodunia), we advised buying $TWTR (Twitter) at 28.50 and $FB (Facebook) at 210.74 on 29 June 2020. It was advised to book profits in $TWTR at 35.78 on Wednesday and $FB at 244.75 on Tuesday. Twitter jumped by 25% while Facebook jumped by 16% in this time-frame.

We asked you to long NIKE @ 90.00. Booked profit in NIKE @ 98.50 yesterday. You were asked to buy HUI @ 291. Booked profit in HUI @ 314. In the previous session, it was advised to long SEDG @ 153.20 and partial profit has been booked at 156.89. Also, it was advised to short XOM at 43.35 with S/L 45 for target 41-38 and DAL with S/L 28 for target 25-24. We were long in AAPL earlier. Profit booking was advised at 379.50 yesterday. With strict S/L of 383, it was advised to short AAPL at 379.50 for target 370-355. It should be noted that we are still holding short in FDX at 165.

We thank you for showing interest in our 4th July Offer. From today, standard prices shall apply. Daily Newsletter- 3 M @ $1000 & Live Signals – 3 M @ $2000