US Stocks & Commodities: Trades Summary for 14-18 August 2023

Trade DateIndexEntryExitTradeProfit/LossExit Date
Trade Recommendations Across Indices

Below is an analysis/trades summary of the net profits achieved in both percentage and point terms for each trade:

S&P 500:

  • Buy Trade: Executing a timely entry at 4455 and exit at 4485, we realized a profit of 30 points, equivalent to 0.67%.
  • Sell Trade: Skillfully navigating the market, our entry at 4485 and exit at 4342 resulted in a remarkable profit of 143 points, translating to 3.19%.

Dow Jones:

  • Buy Trade: With a calculated entry at 35215 and exit at 35125, we experienced a loss of 90 points, representing a slight -0.26%.
  • Sell Trade: By strategically entering at 35125 and exiting at 34466, we capitalized on market dynamics to secure a profit of 659 points (1.87%).


  • Buy Trade: Capitalizing on an entry at 15000 and exit at 15165, we generated a profit of 165 points, equivalent to 1.10%.
  • Sell Trade: Our astute decision to enter at 15165 and exit at 14570 resulted in an impressive profit of 595 points, translating to 3.92%.

Russell 2000:

  • Buy Trade: With precision entry at 1903 and exit at 1915, we secured a profit of 12 points, equivalent to 0.63%.
  • Sell Trade: By entering at 1915 and exiting at 1860, we achieved a profit of 55 points, representing 2.87%.

After covering our short positions on Friday, we have again taken short positions on the S&P 500 at 4,367 with a stop-loss of 4,383 and the Russell 2000 at 1,860 with a stop-loss of 1,866. The current downtrend may extend to Monday but should be followed by a reversal/U-turn from a lower level. The recovery should start there and continue on August 22-23, 2023. Thereafter, the direction of the market will be …………………. (ONLY FOR MEMBERS).

Key support level for indices:

  • S&P 500 (Cash) -4330
  • DOW (Cash)- 34200
  • Nasdaq (Fut)- 14500
  • Russell (Cash) – 1820

Positions Across Metals/Energy

Our subscribers took long positions on Thursday in Gold at 1,916 with a stop-loss of 1,904 and Silver at 22.50 with a stop-loss of 22.20. Fifty percent of the silver position was booked at 23.03. Long positions were also taken in crude oil at 79.70 and 50% of the position was booked at 81.40. Long positions were added in natural gas at 2.57 with a stop-loss of 2.50 and copper at 3.67 with a stop-loss of 3.59.

Treasury Bonds

Long positions were also taken in US 30-year Treasury bonds at 119 with a stop-loss of 118 for a target of 1??.??. Fifty percent long positions were taken in bitcoin/USD at 26,400, ether/USD at 1,670, Cardano at 0.27, Solana at 22.00, and Litecoin at 65.00 for targets ????.

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