Went long in S&P500 at 3925; makes high of 4039; 114 points gained

We had a buy call on S&P500 at 3925, NASDAQ at 12150, RUSSELL at 1805 & DOW at 31800. Yesterday, S&P500 made a high of 4039, DOW made a high of 32336 and NASDAQ made a high of 12600. From Friday, the market may witness a reversal.

In the previous session, tech stocks such as TSLA, NVDA, MSFT, AMZN, GOOGL, META witnessed sizable rally. ENPH also moved higher. We had buy call on these stocks at the lower levels. Bought TSLA at 787-closed at 824 and MSFT at 252- closed at 268.

It was advised to long Gold at 1711 and Silver at 18.38. Gold made a high of 1741 while Silver made a high of 19.05. Copper was a buy at 3.36 – it made a high of 3.49. Went long in crude at 95- it is trading at 98.75.

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