Went short in S&P500 at 3215, RUSSELL at 1492, NASDAQ at 10130 and DOW at 27310

We have been alerting you that the stock market is headed to a sizable drop. In live signals, we recommended buying put options in TSLA, APPLE and AMAZON. These stocks dropped by 3-6% overnight.

Lows made by indices today:

  • S&P500: 3003
  • DOW: 25121
  • NASDAQ: 9596
  • RUSSELL: 1355

We covered 50% profit in short position of indices.

As per astrology, today and Monday are also bearish. S&P500 has support at 3000 and resistance at 3050.
Overall this downtrend will magnify after 18th June 2020. The biggest question is; Will S&P500 will retest March 2020 lows?

Gold made a high of 1755 and Silver made a high of 17.36. At higher level, we went short in Gold and Silver.

We went short in crude oil at 39.50 and Copper at 2.68.

We went long in US 30 Y T-Bond at 173.50 last week.

Booked profit in MODERNA at 64.50.

For further details, reach out to us.