Which Planet is good for wealth?

A favorable Jupiter is necessary for decent wealth. For extraordinary wealth, Saturn should be in a positive position. Mercury’s strength will ensure that you have the appropriate skills to sell or convince people. Instant windfall gains are ruled by Rahu. When Mars-Rahu or Saturn-Rahu are more effective in the horoscope, such individuals are involved in illegal means and eventually get caught one day. Most criminals have a negative combination of Mars-Rahu or Saturn-Rahu. However, when Mars is strong in the horoscope, such a person is powerful. Moon-Mars conjunction in a favorable house and Rashi make an extraordinary Mahalaxmi Yoga. Money may not be a concern for such a person (ex-Shri Narendra Modi has Scorpio Lagna with Moon-Mars). He took India in a different direction. Mars indicates power and courage to face difficult situations.

Wealth in horoscope is indicated by above planets

In any horoscope if Lagna’s lord is in Lagna or is located in a favorable position or in the centre or trine & if its position in navmansha (D-9) is strong, such a person achieves immense success in life and career.

Materialistic aspect is reflected by a powerful Venus. If Venus is located in own or favorable house then the individual’s lifestyle is luxurious even if other combinations are not supportive.

If the seventh Lord is powerful and located in the centre or trine, his or her maritial life is blessed by almighty.

Please note that if Lagna lord is weak in any horoscope but other planets are strong, such a person is born without silver spoon but eventually achieves his goals with hard work and courage.

If Saturn/Rahu aspects the 7th house in any way or is located in the lagna or 7th house then married life can be stressful. There can be a state of divorce.

In astrology, wealth doesn’t mean only the monetary aspect but the ability to consume the by-products of a successful life.