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Welcome to Astrodunia, your very own astrology portal. This web site provides you with the latest predictions on stock market, commodity market & various personalised astrological services.

Daily technical and astrological predictions by Rajeev Prakash Agrawal for share and commodity market. (Monitoring and astrological prediction on the Indian Share market, Commodity Market and U.S. Share market since last 5 years with more than 92% accuracy. We also offer Packages for Stock Market and Commodity market.
For past logs, pelase refer to our prediction blog.

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ANNUAL PREDICTIONS 2015 Covers metals, currencies, stocks


Time Duration Indian Stock Market Indian Commodity Market NYMEX/ COMEX (GOLD+SILVER+OIL) COMEX/NYMEX+FOREX
3 Months 30000 INR 40000 INR 2,000 USD 3,000 USD
6 Months 54000 INR 70000 INR 3,600 USD 5,600 USD
1 Year 100000 INR 130000 INR 7,000 USD 11,000 USD






At Astrodunia, we provide various services to our clients as follows :

  • Stock Market Recommendations - In this service provided by our team, you have two options. One is to go for the general membership i.e. advice is delivered through SMS. The first message which you receive before the begining of trading session is about the overall condition of the stock market that day and astrological analysis about the same. Subsequent messages deal with change in trend, stock specific calls, put, option and other trading strategies. Whereas, when you go for Premum membership, each and every minute detail of the market is transmitted through telephonic conversations by our executive. You get a call in some intervals of time, so as to make maximum profit out of your trading session. For details please click here
  • Commodity Market Recommendations- In this service provided by our team, you get recommendations about trading or investment in commodity products such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude Oil. Our wholehearted concentration is on non-agro products and bullions. For details please click here
  • Signature Analysis - In this astrological service provided by our team, you are supposed to upload your signature as an attachment in mail and send it to . Our experts will analyze your horoscope using the various dimensions of vedic astrology and horary astrology, so as to give you quality assistance regarding the planetary condition of yours and suggest remedies which will really be fruitful to you. For details please click here
  • Life Prediction Analysis- Get your complete life report on hard copies or soft copies. This personalized report focuses on each & every major, minor feature of a horoscope. An exhaustive report which contains every minute detail about the reflection of your personality, career, wealth, marriage and other yogas as seen in your horoscope under the supervision of our experts team. For details please click here
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Today's Stock Market & Commodity

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28 May 2015 :

It is the conjunction of Moon & Rahu, which can cause earthquake or a disaster. This can adversely impact financial markets. The conjunction shall happen around UK opening (12.00 PM IST - 28 May 2015).  

Global Stock Indices

Due to the conjunction of Moon & Rahu, a huge fall may be observed in equities.

American market along with other emerging markets shall decline / experience a big fall.

If 2080 is breached, S&P500 can drop to 2,062-2,060.

It is expected that US market shall close at lows which would impact next Asian opening.

After next days Asian opening, market shall reverse and hence turn positive.

This positivity shall continue for next week. 


The conjunction of Rahu and Moon shall bring heavy volatility for bullion. As per our research, bullion shall move up after 12.00 HRS IST.


After US opening, it is expected to decline.

With s/l of 1180 & 16.40, hold long position in Gold & Silver respectively.

If bullion moves up, Gold can cross 1200 & Silver can cross 17.20.

However, if bullion doesnt move up/ experiences decline & 1180, 16.40 are breached then Gold could drop to 1171-1165 & Silver could drop to 16.20.

Anyways, it is a fact that today is the last day of bottom for Gold and Silver. From next day, bullion shall enter in positive trend.

By third week of June 2015, Gold shall cross 1300 & Silver shall cross 18.00.


Maintain stop loss of 26,700 & 38,000 in long position of Gold & Silver respectively.


Crude Oil shall follow the trend in bullion. It can move up to 61.00. If 57 is breached, it can drop to 55.00.

It is the day for crude to make bottom.

In the month of June 2015, Crude can shoot up to 70.00 


Buy USD/INR at lower levels.

In coming days, USD/INR may cross 64.50-65.00. 


Indian market shall have positive opening. A sharp correction is expected by 12.00 HRS IST.

For next day, gap down opening is expected.


-          NIFTY FUT: 8380-8250

-          BANK NIFTY: 18600-18200


-          BGR ENERGY

-          BANK OF INDIA

-          SIEMENS

-          LIC

#Book profit in long position by 12.00 HRS IST .


-          TATA STEEL

-          TATA MOTORS

-          BAJAJ AUTO

-          YES BANK S/L 890

Next day, Venus is changing position. In coming days, pharmaceutical related stocks shall start to experience sharp correction. It is advisable to make short position in pharmacy related stocks. 




20 May 2015 : Correction: 
By tomorrow, we expect Gold to go up to 1225 & not 1250. 




20 May 2015 :

Global Stock Indices

Last day, S&P500 made a high of 2134.

Today onwards, S&P500 is expected to drop with volatility.

Trend change may be observed.

Till the end of month, this weakness may continue.

S&P500 may drop to 2,090-2,080 or below.

Again from first week of June 2015, markets shall be back to positive trend (with volatility) till mid-June 2015.

Hold short position in S&P500.

A sharp correction is expected in S&P500 on Friday. 


Gold, Silver made lows of 1205 & 16.86 respectively. Trend seems to be positive for today and tomorrow.

By tomorrow, we expect Gold to go up to 1,250; Silver can go up to 17.50.

Make long position in GOLD with S/L 1200 & SILVER with S/L 16.80.

S/L-> Stop Loss

Around 17.50 & 1225, you can book profit in SILVER & GOLD long position.

Trend reversal may be seen from next days US opening.

On Friday, a sharp correction may be observed.

To compensate this correction, you are advised to book profit in long position at higher level and there itself make short position with S/L 1234 & 17.82.

In next week, 25th to 28th May shall be positive for bullion.

Especially, 26th to 27th is bullish for bullion.

MCX traders are advised to buy GOLD with s/l 27,200 & SILVER with s/l 38,800.

Target: GOLD- 27,600 & SILVER 40,000-40,250.


Crude Oil shall be positive for today & next day. It can shoot up to 61.00.

With s/l of 57.80, long crude oil. 


Indian market shall have positive opening.

NIFTY FUT made a high of 8,445 & Bank NIFTY made a high of 18,550 last day.

Today, market shall open positive and then undergo correction.

With s/l of 8,450+ & 18,600+, make short position in NIFTY FUT & BANK NIFTY.

By the end of month, NIFTY may drop to 8,000 & Bank Nifty may drop to 18,000.

In the first half of June 2015, market shall be trading upward. 


-NIFTY FUT: 8420-8320

-BANK NIFTY: 18550-18200



-DLF (S/L 121)







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