Commodities bounce back and stocks outperform

Precious Metals Rebound as Anticipated:

  • Gold and Silver: Prices for both gold and silver rose after dipping to lower levels, fulfilling forecasts from our newsletter.

Industrial Metals Join the Rally:

  • Copper: The price of copper also experienced an uptrend, indicating increased demand for this essential industrial metal.

Energy Markets See Forecasted Rebound:

  • Crude Oil and Natural Gas: Both crude oil and natural gas bounced back from recent price drops, aligning with earlier forecasts.

Top US Stocks Shine:

Our “Star Performers” in the US market were:

  • NVDA (Nvidia Corporation)
  • SMCI (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation)
  • MSTR (MicroStrategy Incorporated)
  • META (Meta Platforms Inc.)
  • ARM (ARM Holdings plc)

These companies experienced significant stock price increases.

Top Indian Stocks Impress:

The Indian market also saw strong performances from these “Star Performers” from our basket of stocks mentioned to our subscribers:

  • Indus Tower Limited
  • Cochin Shipyard Limited
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
  • Navin Fluorine International Limited
  • Crompton Greaves Limited
  • Bajaj Hind Sugar (bought at 30 for target ??)

Last Week’s Indian Standout:

  • HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited maintained its position as a top performer, continuing its strong showing from the previous week.