Here’s what we predicted for the Indian General Elections 2024

Here’s what we predicted for the Indian General Elections 2024.

Our January forecast for #ElectionResults2024 was spot on! BJP won with narrower margins, & the opposition gained more seats as predicted. Stay tuned for more accurate insights in our Annual Letter. Visit for details. #IndiaElections #PoliticalForecasting

In our Annual Letter published in January, we provided detailed forecasts for the General Elections in India. Our predictions highlighted two key outcomes:

  1. BJP’s Victory with Lower Margins: We anticipated that while the BJP would secure a victory, it would do so with a narrower margin compared to previous elections.
  2. Opposition Gains: We projected that the opposition parties would secure more seats than they did in the last election.

Now, with the #ElectionResults2024 officially in, we can see that our forecasts have aligned precisely with the actual outcomes. The BJP has indeed won, but with reduced margins, and the opposition has gained more seats, reflecting the trend we predicted.

This accurate forecast underscores the reliability and depth of our analysis. For more insights and detailed predictions, refer to our Annual Letter and stay updated with our ongoing analysis.

Prediction from the weekly newsletter published on 27 May 2024:

In the weekly newsletter published on Monday (3 June 2024), we mentioned that Tuesday (was a negative day/closing would be negative. Sensex and Nifty plunged more than 8 percent on June 4.

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