The interesting tryst of planets on global markets and events

On 22nd, Mars (symbol of fire) entered Taurus. This shall remain in this position till 7th May 2019. Mars will enter Rohini nakshatra on 7th April 2019 and remain there till 26th April 2019. On 29th March 2019, Jupiter will enter Sagittarius and conjunct with Ketu and Saturn opposite Rahu. On 10th April 2019, Jupiter will retrograde. On 30th April 2019, Saturn will retrograde. The transition of Mars in Taurus and making a formation of 6th-8th with Saturn, Ketu, Jupiter. This is going to be a historical event. Whenever this combination took place, the world has witnessed major events. It brings misfortune for the masses. Often, it has led to natural disaster (such as an earthquake) or man-made disaster (such as terror attack, political unrest, financial breakdown). The state of war has also been observed in previous instances. Similar planetary combinations happened on the following incidents:

  • Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan on 6 August 1945
  • Emergency took place in India on 25 June 1975 for a period of 21 months
  • Invasion of Kuwait in 1990
  • Gulf war (21st January 1991)
  • 9/11 attack in the USA by al-Qaeda (11 September 2001)

The major affected of this prevailing planetary conditions will be USA, Japan, China, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Iraq, Europe, North Korea, and India. This may lead to a major concern in USA and economic slowdown is possible. The trade war between USA and China may magnify. The time is unfavorable for American President Donald Trump. Some disaster could also take place. Similar events may be visible across different countries.

India is going to witness general elections; there can be political unrest. There can be communal tension or terror attacks or natural disasters. Even a state of war may be developed with Pakistan or the tension at the border may rise. This general election may lead to events of historic importance. The results of the election will be surprising and shocking for the people.

Important dates in 2019:

29th March to 4th April

12th to 16th April

21st April to 7th May

Only time will tell us the future. We’ve tried to cover this major planetary change with historical background. The major effect may also be visible over the stock market. Hence, investors shall stay cautious in April.

Disclaimer: The above information is a work of astrological research and past records may not reflect the true possibilities in the current situation. Lord Brahma is the biggest forecaster.

Global Stock Indices

On Monday, stock market will recover after making a low. On Tuesday-Wednesday, uptrend is indicated. On Wednesday, the top will be made followed by declining trend. On Thursday-Friday, downtrend is possible (especially more effective on Friday).

Last Friday, S&P500 FUT closed at 2806 and is currently trading at 2799 and made a low of 2791.88 in today’s session. Last Friday, DOW and NASDAQ closed at 25537 and 7359 & made a low of 25404 and 7296 in today’s session while RUSSELL closed at 1509 on Friday and made a low of 1499 in today’s session.

It is our view that you must cover all short positions at CMP (current market price) and enter into 50% long position until Wednesday. The remaining long position should be made when S&P500 drops to 2770. S/L for the long position will be 2740. Target will be 2820-2850 for long in S&P500. At a higher level, you can again make a short position. On Friday, the market will close at a lower level. This shall continue the bearish trend for next week.

S&P500 (Spot) has support at 2799 and resistance at 2820.

Precious Metals

Bullion shall be overall positive for the current week. Gold may cross 1330 while Silver may cross 15.65. More of positivity is possible next week. Gold has support at 1293 and resistance at 1320.


Long Copper at lower levels today. Here onwards, Copper will start moving up. Use S/L of 2.78 for long in Copper (target will be 2.95).

Indian Stock Market

Indian market shall open gap down. Market shall be in bearish trend till 14.00 HRS. From 14.00 HRS, recovery is indicated.

On Tuesday-Wednesday, positivity may be visible. On Thursday-Friday, the market may again decline (especially on Friday, a major correction is possible). Next week, this bearish trend may flourish.

Nifty has support at 11380 and resistance at 11600.

In Annual Letter 2019, we’ve advised closing all long positions before 25th which was originally made on 8th March 2019.

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