The trend reversal in equities

Global Stock Indices

In the previous session, US market closed positive. S&P500 made a high of 2875. Today, it is the alignment of Moon-Mercury, Mercury-Venus and Mercury-Neptune. Today, trend will be highly uncertain. Next day, Mercury will change house in navmansha. With a margin of +/- 1 day, we are expecting a correction in equities. By the end of month, S&P500 may drop down to 2750 or below. Here, you may make short position in DOW, S&P500, NASDAQ and RUSSELL. Risk-averse traders may buy put options (JUNE) expiry. A considerable profit is possible with limited risk. Mars will enter Rohini nakshtra on 6th April 2019. Within 10 days, the major bad news is possible.

Indian Stock Market

Indian market saw a high of 11820 for Nifty and then a minor profit booking was observed; it closed at 11740. Bank Nifty made a high of 30800 and witnessed a sharp profit booking; closed below 30400.

Next day, Mercury is changing house in Navmansha around 09.15 HRS (IST). Within a margin of 1 day (+/- 1 day), a sharp correction is possible. By the end of month, a major correction is indicated in Nifty and Bank Nifty.

Positional traders may buy put options in Nifty and Bank Nifty.

Intraday perspective: heavy volatility is expected. Today, the market may close bearish. The market will start to decline from 09.50 HRS (IST) today. Between 13.15 and 14.00 HRS (IST), recovery is indicated. From 14.00 HRS (IST) to closing, uncertainty/downtrend is indicated.