US Stock market near 52-week low

Investors often feel confused by the noise in the market. Every other day, there are news reports either supporting or opposing the market. It becomes difficult to figure out which direction to take.  Today, the stock market is near the 52-week low while bullion also witnessed heavy correction. What is the correct strategy for traders at this point? What is the right strategy for investors in a year like 2022 which is full of potholes? Inflation has been at its peak. The US Fed hiked interest rates to the highest levels since 2008. The stock market has experienced a correction of over 20% from its peak. Traders tend to think of buying opportunity right when the market is at its peak. Most traders don’t have the conviction to buy at the bottom. When Indian market took a U-turn from 15200 (Nifty), we asked our viewers to go long. The market was full of bullish sentiments once the Nifty touched 18000 but that’s not where you buy the index. The people who were able to invest money in the crisis of March 2020 were easily able to generate high returns on their portfolio investment.

As per our forecast, a temporary bottom is indicated in the stock market by 30th September 2022. Anytime soon in October, a U-turn is indicated. This is an opportunity for investors to accumulate stocks and indices in 3 installments. For further details, e-mail [email protected] or call +91-9669919000.